Monday, September 28, 2009

MONKEY MIKE's Raw Food Kitchen

Monkey Mike The Raw Moms have done it again! They have come out with a fantastic Un-Cookbook for kids. The amazing Tera Warner graciously sent me a copy and my children and I have been pouring over it all weekend.

If you have kids (I have 5!), you need this book! I'm telling you, your kids will absolutely love it. It's full of colorful pictures and step by step directions that are easy for just about any kid to follow. If you've been having a hard time getting your children to eat a lot of raw foods, this is perfect. Or if you need something to make raw food more exciting, this is the answer. I mean, I'm not even a kid and it got me excited!

The recipes are simple and they don't require 20 ingredients each(my pet peeve). They're nutritious (of course!) and fun!

You can get it here. What are you waiting for? Get to Un-Cooking with those Kids!

Smiles and Hugs!


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