Friday, September 25, 2009

Contaminated Drinking Water in Schools- My Rant...

I just finished reading a shocking article about the state of the water in our public schools. You can read it here. There are many schools here in our country that are violating EPA standards. The most being in California, followed by Ohio, Indiana, Connecticut, and others. Apparently, there are high levels of lead, copper, pesticides, and other ugly toxins. Our children are drinking this stuff. And it's okay? Really? That's the message the government sends when it says that to fix the problem, it would be too expensive.

Tell me, how does the government have cash for clunkers and billions for bank bailouts but it's too expensive to ensure that our children have safe drinking water?

I'm lucky to live in area where the water is safe and I homeschool but it infuriates me that others don't have the same. If your children are in public school then please check with the state and find out about the safety of the water. High levels of lead and other toxins can lead to learning disabilities, illness, fatigue, and who knows what else.

This is even more shocking to me since I've been listening to Daniel Vitalis and his information on water. Look for him on YOUTUBE.He has some great information about the benefits of spring water and the downfalls of tap and bottled water. After learning this information, I went on and found that there is a spring only 1 hour from my home. You can go on there too and see if you can find a spring close to you. It is continually updated. My family and I are going to venture out to the spring this weekend to bottle our own spring water. I'm pretty excited about that. I'm going to video our adventure, so stay tuned.

I'm doing Daniel's ElixirCraft Mastery Course which I will tell you all about as soon as I complete it. I've done the first part which is guessed it, WATER!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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  1. This story made ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.