Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ode to Clove(eugenia caryophyllata)

Oh Clove, I owe many thanks to you.
You've been around since the Han Dynasty.
You've been used to treat numerous ailments.
Respiratory, digestion and skin problems you've healed.
But for me, my sweet, warm Clove, you have given me respite from tooth and gum pain.
One q-tip and 1 drop of 100% your oil (pure clove essential oil)
Applied ever so gently to the gum area.
Ahhhh, what relief.
Anesthetic and antiseptic properties come from the eugenol which you contain.
It's no surprise you come from the same family as tea tree, myrtle, and eucalyptus.
Even dentist recognize your effectiveness.
I would never give you to anyone under two or over 65
And I would never ingest you.
But I will keep you close little Clove. So close.
My gums and teeth love you.
I love you.

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