Saturday, April 10, 2010

Coming Home Again

My oldest son, Justin, came back home Wednesday. He went to live with my mom and dad last August. He's a good boy but is trying to figure himself out. Figure life out. He did pretty good there and was given everything he needed. My parents really outdid themselves by spending time with him and trying everything they knew to help him out and just show him love. It was fun for him for a while but ultimately, he missed home. Home with his family. Mom and Dad. Brother and sisters. Friends.

He's back in school. He had a great first day. He said he had missed his school alot and his old friends. Everyone was happy to see him too. His brother and sisters were happy to have there big brother back. They look up to him so I hope he will be a good role model to them.

Life can be confusing but it IS what you make it. This is what he needs to figure out for himself. Family and relationships are the things that matter most.

I'm happy to have my son back home. Having him  at the young age of 20 really changed my life.Changed it for the better. It seems like just yesterday that he was my little baby. Time truly flies by. I don't want to spend anymore time apart from him. He will be off on his own soon enough. Even so, this will always be his home.

I always pray for all my children's safety and happiness. My heart is over-flowing with love and peace to have our family whole again.

Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy your family!


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