Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 1-Success

Well, Day 1 went better than expected. I weighed in at 133.5 (I'm 5'5"). I started the day with two big glasses of water. I had about 24 oz green juice at 11:00 then worked out at the gym. I did have a salad this evening, so no juice fast for me this time. :( I do feel lighter and will have some herbal tea soon. I will probably make the tea with nettles and dandelion and maybe some chamomile. Yum!

As far as organizing goes, well, not so much today. I did stay up late last night getting my kitchen organized and super clean so I will work on something else tonight.

This isn't easy, especially when you have other responsibilities. Being a mom can be demanding but we need to love ourselves and take care of ourselves so that we have something to give to our family. Our children want parents that are happy and healthy. That's always my goal.



  1. Just came across your blog.

    Good luck on your getting-your-butt-in-shape journey! I'm on one, too!

  2. Thanks Meg! I need all the luck I can get! Good luck to you too!