Friday, February 6, 2009

Spreading The Word

A group of ladies from my church met at my home last night to learn about healthy eating. Another lady prepared some information to share and went before me. We had a lot of the same information in regards to what we should leave out of our diet but we differed on what and how our food should be prepared. Cooked vs. Raw. I love that I could share what I have learned on my raw food journey and have them taste some of the foods that I eat. Some, as you can imagine were not as open to the whole idea but some genuinely were interested and are asking how do they make the change. Very exciting for me. A few left saying that they were definitely going to add green smoothies to their diet and some were going to be more aware of the foods they eat in general. All positive.
Everyone brought something healthy to share. I ended up sharing my food that I prepared for myself for the week also. They tried raw coconut fudge, raw lemon-coconut bars, "refried bean" collard wraps, raw onion bread, and green smoothies. I think they were pleasantly surprised.
I'll have to do this again sometime. It was a nice night.

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