Thursday, March 25, 2010

Strong Women

I hope that many women have been enjoying the WISH Summit these past ten days. I know that I have. The hard part has been trying to decide who to listen to. This morning I decided to go back through the speakers and Mimi Kirk was just calling to me. So, I just finished listening to her interview and feel inspired to write about her here..........

Mimi is just an amazing woman! So beautiful and positive. I could listen to her speak for hours. I heard about her last year when she won PETA's contest for sexiest vegetarian over 50. Folks, she is 71. Can you believe it? She has been a vegetarian for 40 years and a raw foodist for 2 years. Her story just inspires me to no end. Not only is Mimi beautiful on the outside, she radiates happiness and positivity from the inside. To me, she exemplifies the power of womanhood.

When I listened to the Raw Mom Summit last year, the woman that spoke to me and inspired me was Susun Weed. This year, Mimi Kirk. I really look up to these older women who have lived life and learned important lessons. I'm so grateful that they share their knowledge with all of us women.

 My grandmother is another inspiration to me. She took care of me when I was a moody teenager that was somewhat lost in the world. She showed me kindness and unconditional love that I'll never be able to thank her enough for. She is probably the strongest woman I know. Her life hasn't been easy but she always made the best of everything and always has shown so much love to her family. I love her so much.

It's a shame we live in a society that doesn't value age. As a nurse, I've worked closely with older people in the nursing home. Honestly, these are places to put our elders until they die. So many are forgotten. Saying that it is sad is an extreme understatement. In a perfect world ( to me), we would grow older but remain highly functional and mentally stable. Our elders would help the family and be independent and we would help them and respect them, and value their opinion and advice. If we ate properly, exercised regularly and stayed off of pharmacueticals as much as possible, I feel this could happen as we age.

I came away from the summit so ready for whatever comes my way. It gave me the inspiration and the boost that I needed to get on with the rest of the year. I took the time to reflect on the information and thought about how I wanted to apply it to my life.

There were so many wonderful women that were interviewed for the WISH Summit. I hope that if you weren't able to hear them all, you will get access the calls now. I see that Tera is offering different payment options so that everyone has an opportunity to have access.

Thanks to Tera and Shakaya for putting this together. I hope they realize what a blessing they have been to many women in the raw community and beyond. I look forward to next year's summit and until then, I encourage all women to seek out strong women mentors to help guide them through this life. Don't forget to be a mentor to someone else when the opportunity presents itself.



  1. "It's a shame we live in a society that doesn't value age."

    That quote sums up the majority of peoples problems, crazy if you think about it, but it is the old and wise we learn from and when people show disrespect or disinterest to the gems of knowledge! then who loses out?

    This was an amazing post! (I also love Mimi, she makes me want to be 71 haha)

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful comment Amy!We are going to have to start a Mimi Kirk fan club, although, she probably already has one!