Monday, January 18, 2010

The Best Year Ever

Hope you all have been well! I've been a busy bee since the new year began. I have many new things in the works for 2010. So much, in fact, that it's hard to know which to blog about.

I've been feeling so creative lately. I want to amp up my shop a little and add in some of my doll sculptures, and bring back my Market Slouch Bags, while also creating some new skincare and perfume. Not at one time, of course, but throughout the year. I know it is a mish mosh of things but that's who I am. I can't do just one thing. I love to do art and create new things. I'm excited to see what I create this year.

Speaking of creating, my husband and I may be creating baby #6 this year. I know we are getting older but we feel that there is one more little soul that was meant for our family. I am getting all the necessary bloodwork and health checks done this month. We haven't had any luck the last 18 months so we may opt for a little help. I will keep you posted so please keep us in your prayers.

In the mean time, I'm still doing my fitness challenge. I'm hitting the gym a lot harder and doing some running. I love the energy I get from exercise. I think it is truly what keeps you young. Of course, I'm still doing raw foods. Although, I am adding in more cooked foods right now. I just listen to my body and adjust accordingly. I'm not dogmatic but I still would encourage anyone to eat as much fruits and veggies as you can and try to juice a few times a week. I will posting some herbal recipes next month. I want to teach everyone I can about the power of herbs.

In March, I will be taking a level one Healing Touch class. I hope to get certified as a healing touch practioner. I have been into energy healing since I started raw foods a couple of years ago. I'm also going to do some posts on raising your frequency. It is a fascinating topic. One that is very beneficial to our well being.

In the Spring, my family will be turning our back yard into an edible oasis. At least that's the plan. I want to take you on our gardening journey with us.

These are a few of the things I will be working on for 2010. Oh! and getting totally organized. I simply want to live simply. Get rid of the clutter and distractions. Anything that keeps me from reaching my goals, or being my best, is buh bye!

So I hope you'll join me! I want to know what you will be doing this year. Let's make this the best year ever!

Happy Hugs!

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