Sunday, July 5, 2009

Raw Mom Summit

This past week has been inspiring to say the least! I had the opportunity to listen to several amazing speakers online at the Raw Mom Summit. The ladies over at did a phenomenal job with the guest line up and interviews. (Standing ovation for Tera Warner and Shannon Leone!)

I LOVED the interview with Gabriel Cousens. I mean, when he talks you listen! I will have the chance to meet him and attend all of the classes he's teaching at the World Peace Yoga conference in October. I can't wait. More information to come about that soon!

Susun Weed was so interesting too. She is an herbalist, author, and much more. You can find information about her at Since listening to her, my husband and I have been enjoying herbal infusions everyday. I never knew how easy they are to prepare and so good for you!

Byron Katie- WOW! I'm now reading her book Loving What Is. She discovered a process called The Work. It is an amazing way to solve problems and to see things as they truly are. Check out for free information and worksheets.

There were many raw mom speakers, each adding something fantastic to the summit. Different views and opinions but so much useful information.

This is just a teeny-tiny bit of the Summit there was sooo much more! You can purchase these over at and listen to them at your leisure. I was so pleased with the Summit and it has really motivated me as a mom and raw foodist to keep going in this positive direction and it also opened me up to new things.

So if YOU need some good, healthy motivation (who doesn't?) then check it out!



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